12 Efficient tips on how to respond to consumer review

👇 How to Respond on Consumer / Customer Review or Feedbacks at online platforms?

Regardless of whether your business is well-known or just getting off the ground, everyone is aware of how essential client feedback is. The success and sustainability of the company are ultimately determined by the customers, and there positive feedback or reviews.

Now when there are so many online platforms, customers have access to a variety of sources for feedback, it is crucial to reply to feedbacks or reviews in a proper way.

Examples of positive review responses are important for conveying to your consumers your value and openness to their feedback. This makes it easier for other customers to recognize you as a genuine brand. Almost 97% of customers, according to a survey, also read the reviews’ comments.

👉 What Sorts of Customer Reviews Are There?

consumer review


Online reviews are remarks made by clients who have used your company’s goods or services.

These can be discovered on review websites like Google Business Profile Reviews, Yelp Reviews, in the comment section of various social media platforms or your own online store. Customers can provide favorable evaluations on social media networks or complain about a bad experience.

And your customer feedback can differ from one another. You might receive..

Positive reviews

Negative reviews

✔️ Neutral reviews

✔️ Fake reviews


Here’s the deal: You must adjust your review responses in keeping with how you manage your reviews.


You might be curious before we begin…

👍 Why Should You React To Good Reviews?

good review


When someone compliments you, what do you say?

Obviously, you say “thank you”!

Along with the fact that it is the proper thing to do, take into account the following:

Also, prospective customers consider other customer experiences: They may be convinced to make a purchase from your company after reading your review answer on customer experience.

Customers who receive favorable review answers may be more inclined to do the same: This is advantageous because it raises awareness of your brand.

Your SEO will be impacted by a positive review response: You are able to use keywords that may influence your search engine ranking.

Your star rating rises when you respond: By interacting with customers, you can indicate to potential clients that your attention to their needs is thorough.

👉 Guidelines For Reacting To Good Reviews

guideless for good review


1️⃣ Use Your Customer’s Name

Your first sentence counts! The finest opening you can use is your customer’s name. With a review website like Google Reviews, this is conceivable. The name of the client is displayed.

This information is also shown on other websites, such as Facebook and Yelp.


2️⃣ Respond Quickly

When a customer leaves a review, respond as soon as possible. This shows that you care about their feedback and are taking it seriously.

When thanking them, be specific by naming specific details. It can be about the product or service your customer purchased.


3️⃣ Use a personal tone

Your response should sound like a personal message rather than an automated response. Use the customer’s name and thank them for their feedback.

Use language that is warm and friendly. Avoid using overly formal language or technical terms that the customer may not understand. Instead, use simple, conversational language that is easy to understand.


4️⃣ Add Your Company Name And Keywords

As you may already know, getting found by potential clients often depends heavily on ranking highly in local search results.

When a buyer searches for that word, using pertinent keywords can help your business come up first. Responding to reviews therefore gives you the opportunity to link your company to relevant keywords.

If you have a store, please include the name of your company, the address, and a list of your goods and services in your response. Use this method consistently, especially for favorable Google reviews. It makes sure, Google is aware of the core values of your company.


5️⃣ Include A Call to Action

You can persuade your customer to act at the conclusion of your response. They are more likely to accept your advice given that they are pleased clients.

You could point them back to your eCommerce website, for instance, so they can test out another good or service. Recurring business has the power to turn your customers into brand advocates.


6️⃣ Personally Address Your Customer

Using a customer’s name in your communication can help establish a personal connection and make them feel valued. Be sure to spell their name correctly and avoid using nicknames unless they have specifically requested it.


7️⃣ Never Argue, Always Apologize

When a customer has a complaint or negative experience, it can be tempting to argue with them and defend your business. However, this approach is rarely effective and can often make the situation worse.

Instead, it’s important to always apologize to the customer and avoid arguing with them. You could start by, We apologize if our goods did not meet up to your expectations. We hold our company to high standards, and we are sorry to learn of your experience.”


8️⃣ Take the conversation offline if necessary-

Public responses to negative assessments are possible. You can, however, take the conversation offline when it’s appropriate.

You can avoid interference by responding to negative comments through a direct message. If it persists, it may spare both you and your client from embarrassment. This can help to resolve the issue more efficiently and avoid any further public discussions that could damage your business’s reputation.


9️⃣ Finish By Signing Your Name

Do you know what happens when you sign your name on negative comments? Your customer will be able to tell that they are speaking with a live person. Once they are aware of this, they can be patient and friendly.

Also, it demonstrates how invested you are in any critical feedback you could get. Speaking of every bad review, you need to…

1️⃣0️⃣ Be positive, Show gratitude

Try to end your response on a positive note. Thank the customer for their business and encourage them to return in the future. Positive reviews deserve a response too!

Thank the customer for taking the time to leave a review and for choosing your business.

1️⃣1️⃣ Request for information

Online reviews that are negative do not have to remain that way indefinitely. Always try to sway your clients toward a successful end. You can engage your customer in further conversation after your initial response. By doing so, you may precisely identify their issue and suggest solutions.

After you have addressed their issue, kindly request that they revise their first review. By doing this, you’ll be better able to respond to any subsequent critical comments that are similar to the one you addressed. You can use these as models for your company when responding to bad reviews.

👉 Learn from your mistakes, and show your clients that you care

learn from your mistake


Responding to reviews, whether favorable and negative, indicate that you are an active business owner who cares not just about your company but also about your clients.

We all want all of our reviews to be good, but even the best-managed, customer-focused companies occasionally get negative feedback. When a bad review comes in, take it as an opportunity to learn how to make your company better going forward and how to show that you are responsive. Reply in a cool, open, and honest manner.

The way you handle a difficult circumstance can have a beneficial impact on your company, and a considerate post-review conversation may even inspire the consumer to revise their assessment.