Social Media Marketing & Paid Promotion Expert

She is the founder of CRAZY BUNNY. As a freelance digital market with over 5 years experience she has worked across multiple digital marketing projects. She currently specializes in creating strategy for running successful BRANDIN CAMPAIGNS and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. She has worked with global corporate clients in different industries.

She along with her team, makes sure to deliver the best results for her clients

Ritu Kanodia

Content Creation Expert

She is an expert Content Creator. She is a trained Graphic Designer.

She has been working within the graphic design and graphic arts industry, She assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design.

She creates the graphics primarily for published, printed, or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising.

She has been working with clients, worldwide from various industries such as dental, e-commerce, designing, marketing, and more with an efficient work.

Ensuring you with an amazing work which would help increase your business and brand visibility.


Graphic Designer

Her passion for designing compel her to took graphic designing as her career.  She likes to create problem-solving solutions for her clients through her efficient designing skills.

She loves to create images and solutions that are not just visually attractive but also useful.


Content Writer

She is pursuing B. Tech in computer science, but has a great passion towards writing. She has great communication skills and is very good at writing convincing pieces which can keep the readers interested.

Reading and writing has always allured her ever since she was really young. Even now, it acts like an escape from other pressures and makes her feel really relaxed.

She does her research thoroughly before writing and only then completes a piece. She prefer to write simple and understandable articles instead of complex and confusing ones, and write pieces based on the same.


Content Writer

He is currently doing a bachelor’s in English and has a great passion for writing. He aspires to be a content writer and an author in the future.

He does all his research work well before specifying anything and writes very enthusiastically. He also is a proud content writer for his university K. R. Manglam. Many of his works have been published as well on various platforms.

Other than writing he has great interest in anchoring, acting, speaking, music, cooking, gaming, travelling and playing sports like chess and table tennis.