Web Designing – Why do you need it?

Imagine you walk into a party and you don’t know anyone. You will obviously form an impression of everyone seeing the way they are representing themselves.

If the website is a person, website designing is like clothes. Like clothes are important for representing yourselves among the world, web designing is important for representing your site among your readers and users.

Web designing will set the first impression in the mind of your users. As easy and impressive as their first visit will be to your site, it will directly force them to come to your site next time and also recommend it to others.

Why trust us for your website designing?

If you are reading this, you either own a website or you are planning to own one. So it’s good that you already know the importance of web designing now and how it can change the interface of your website.

Now you are probably just looking for someone to help you with your entire web designing problem. So here we are to aid you. Here at Crazy Bunny, we have a team of professionals who are not only creative and highly skilled at what they do but also provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to all your web designing problems.

Our experts quickly grasp all your needs and provide you with the best results. We have some world-class designs that can give your website the change that you want it to have.

As Digital marketer experts, we know how important your site is for you. So we are willing to provide you with a perfect site with the best of the codes, designs and content.

Higher conversion rate

With the increasing competition, it is getting more difficult day by day to increase the conversions on a site.

It is because a customer’s demands and expectations are advancing every day. It is not easy to match those expectations and demands so we will help your site to overcome this by matching those.

Our web designers have the most modern platforms with the most advanced technology in them. We have some great content in them with refining UI and UX which are SEO optimized. All of this will definitely result in your site’s conversation rate boom.

Responsive website designs

Responsive Web Design is about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize, hide, shrink and enlarge a website, to make it look good on all devices.

A responsive web design eventually helps to increase a site’s conversion rate as it enhances a customer’s overall experience in your site.

In the modern day, we ignore the fact that most of the online searches happen through our mobile phones. So we don’t care much about optimizing our site’s experience on the phones. But don’t worry, our web designers are here to help you with that. With the modern codes and advanced technology, we at Crazy Bunny can make your website fit in any of the screen sizes. It doesn’t matter whether it is a laptop or tablet, a PC or a mobile, we have the expertise

Website redesigning

Website redesigning is a thing many businesses usually don’t focus on. But as you can’t wear the same clothes for the rest of your lives, you can’t just leave your site after designing it once.

With time not only business goals change but also market demands change. So to keep up with your customers, you need to keep up with the design of your site. If you want to upgrade your brand or feel that enhancing some of the features can upgrade the interface of your site, we are here for you.

Crazy Bunny creative and talented web designers can help your business to reach its true potential with a higher conversation rate on your website. Our web designers will not only focus on the whole overall redesigning of your site but even the smallest of design elements.

WordPress website designing 

WordPress is the most trusted web designing tool in the whole world.

Over 64 million websites including small businesses, bloggers and large companies trust WordPress.

An incredible WordPress website provides customized, creative, Integrated and user friendly themes.

It offers instant support to all sorts of queries and necessities.

At Crazy Bunny, our WordPress designers create many such amazing websites with interactive, creative and cost effective websites matching all your requirements. Our own website is at WordPress.

WordPress websites are SEO friendly and are easy to manage. It is also considered one of the best CMS.

E-commerce website

If you own an online business, you would know that how much a good interface can affect your site’s conversion rate. It’s all about making a first impression.

People generally don’t trust poorly designed websites. So to build a good first impression and
maintain trust with your customers, you need to be updated and march with time.

Apart from the content on your site, web designing directly affects your SEO a lot.

At Crazy Bunny, we have some amazing web designs which will help you boost the SEO of your e-commerce website and be
consistent. Updated website designs will help you stand out among your competitors and thus increasing your conversion rate.