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June arrives, ushering in the summer season for many parts of the world. But beyond the balmy weather and longer days, June also brings a plethora of significant national and international observances. From celebrating our environment to honoring father figures, this month offers a chance to raise awareness, spread joy, and participate in meaningful causes.

June 2024 is packed with significant dates that celebrate various aspects of life, history, and culture. As we dive into this vibrant month, let’s take a look at some of the notable days to mark on your calendar

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Here at Crazy Bunny, we’ve compiled a list of some key dates to keep on your radar for June 2024:


Early June:

  • June 1st:
    • World Milk Day: This day recognizes the importance of milk as a global food source. Enjoy a glass of your favorite kind – cow, nut, soy, or even rice milk – to celebrate!
    • Global Day of Parents: This day honors parents and their selfless love and dedication in raising children. Take a moment to appreciate your parents or shower your own kids with extra love.
  • June 2nd:
    • International Sex Workers’ Day: This day raises awareness of the working conditions and human rights of sex workers around the world.
    • Telangana Formation Day (India): A state public holiday in India, celebrating the formation of the state of Telangana.
  • June 3rd:
    • World Bicycle Day: Dust off your two-wheeled friend and join the global celebration of cycling! It’s a fun, eco-friendly way to get around.
  • June 4th:
    • International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression: This UN-observed day aims to protect children caught in the crossfire of armed conflict.



  • June 5th:
    • World Environment Day: A crucial day for promoting environmental awareness and encouraging action to protect our planet.
  • June 7th:
    • World Food Safety Day: This day highlights the importance of safe and healthy food for everyone.
    • National Donut Day (US): Treat yourself to a delicious donut – but maybe just one!
  • June 8th:
    • World Brain Tumour Day: Raises awareness about brain tumors and the need for further research into treatment and prevention.
    • World Oceans Day: Celebrates the ocean and its crucial role in our planet’s ecosystem.
    • National Best Friend Day (US): A day to cherish the special bond you share with your closest companions.
    • Doll Day (US): Dust off your favorite childhood dolls or take your kids doll-hunting on this day.
  • June 12th:
    • World Day Against Child Labour: This day brings global attention to the issue of child labor and the fight to eradicate it.
    • National Red Rose Day (US): Red roses symbolize love and passion. Send a bouquet or wear a red rose pin to celebrate.

Later June:

  • June 14th:
    • World Blood Donor Day: This day encourages people to donate blood and highlights the critical role blood donation plays in saving lives.
  • June 15th:
    • Father’s Day (US & many other countries): A day to celebrate fathers and father figures for their love, guidance, and support.
    • Mithuna Sankranti (India): A Hindu solar month that marks the beginning of the monsoon season.

Father’s Day – June 16
Celebrate the special men in your life on Father’s Day. Whether it’s your dad, grandpa, or father figure, take the time to show your appreciation and love for all they do. Plan a memorable day to honor and cherish the paternal bonds in your life.

June 19th:

  • Juneteenth (US): A federal holiday in the United States commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

  • World Refugee Day – June 20
  • On World Refugee Day, raise awareness about the millions of refugees worldwide who have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Show compassion, empathy, and support to refugees by advocating for their rights and promoting inclusion and diversity.


    • June 21st:
      • International Yoga Day: This UN-observed day promotes the practice of yoga for physical and mental well-being.
  • Summer Solstice – June 21
  • Welcome the official start of summer with the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Embrace the warmth and light, and indulge in outdoor activities that make the most of the sun-filled days ahead.


    • June 23rd:
      • International Women in Engineering Day (INWED): Celebrates the accomplishments of women in engineering and encourages more girls to pursue careers in this field.
    • June 26th:
      • International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: Raises awareness about the global problem of drug abuse and the need for international cooperation to combat it.
    • 29 June:
  • International day of the tropics

  • 30 June:
  • International Asteroid Day


Beyond this list, June may hold other significant observances specific to your country or region. Be sure to do your own research to discover what other special days you can participate in this June!

June 2024 is brimming with diverse and meaningful days that offer opportunities to learn, celebrate, and make a difference. Let’s embrace this month with open hearts and minds, honoring each important day with purpose and significance.\

We hope this list helps you stay informed and engaged throughout June 2024. Let’s work together to make this June a month of awareness, action, and celebration!