What is Web Design?

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

Steffenee Miller, Web Designer at Digital Resource.

Web Design

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet.

Web designing usually refers to the user👥 experience aspects of website development rather than software development. It encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. It holds utmost importance as it is how you represent your website.

Web design will show a preview of your site and thus creating the first impression in the mind of your user. Eventually, it will either convince your audience to stay and recommend your website further or abandon it and find another website.

👇Tools and technologies required for web design

Web designers use a variety of different tools depending on what part of the production process they are involved in.

Although these tools are updated over time by newer standards and software but the principles behind them remain the same.

The most popular tools for website development are:
🔩 Angular.JS
🔩 Grunt
🔩 CodePen
🔩 TypeScript
🔩 GitHub
🔩 JQuery
🔩 Bootstrap
🔩 Visual Studio Code
🔩 Sublime Text
🔩 Sketch

These are the tools used worldwide by many web designers and have many good reviews. But still, you should not rely on a few particular tools.

The technology stack should be selected by considering your current project needs and not by considering the reviews and past experience.

👇 Skills and techniques for an efficient web design

Different people have different opinions and choices and thus you should know your target audience.

A target audience can be of a particular age group or a culture. For that, you should not only remember the trends but also the reputation of the owner of the business you are working for.

🔩 How to find your target audience? Read this article to know how to define the right audience as per your niche👍

Progressive enhancement is a design philosophy that provides a standard amount of essential content and functionality to as many users as possible while delivering the best possible experience only to users of the most modern browsers that can run all the required code.

It will still be a simpler experience for users of older browsers or devices with limited capabilities.

Thus it will be a user-friendly experience for both types of users, the ones with the old devices and the ones with the modern ones as well.



Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and appealing when displayed.

The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line spacing, letter spacing, arrangement and appearance of the letters, style, and numbers, and symbols created by the process.

🔩 Learn more about Typography at https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/beginning-graphic-design/typography/1/

Motion Graphics means Graphics in Movement. When we bring the design knowledge to new
mediums by adding the elements of time and space to it and thus creating movement in the
graphics, it is simply known as motion graphics.

Although it is more attractive and appealing but still it is not required many times.

Motion graphics may be expected or at least better received with an entertainment-oriented website. However, a website with more of a serious or formal interest such as business or government sites might find animations unnecessary and distracting if the articles are on a more serious kind of matter.

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Page layout is the arrangement of visual elements on a page📃.

In web designing page layout specifically refers to the process of placing and arranging text, images, and graphics on a software page to attract readership to a website. A good page layout should not only involve the proper arrangement of text and images but also the size and shape of the medium used.

The goal is to produce eye-catching pages that grab the attention of the readers.

Below is an example from one of our own blogs Digital marketing: professional help vs self marketing ..Digital marketing: professional help vs self marketing?

Be as creative as you can while drafting the page for your readers. The layout of the page should be tantalizing for the readers🥰.

Code quality refers to the usefulness and maintainability of the code in the long term.

Good quality of code makes sure that codes are written in such a way that makes them highly readable.

The quality of the code can be estimated by the efficiency of the source code. Writing useful code and avoiding redundant and unnecessary code can dramatically improve the efficiency of the website.

While writing a good quality code you should keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Should be convenient to read and understand,
  • Should be convenient to maintain and have effective performance,
  • Code should be consistent throughout the software,
  • Should be convenient to demonstrate and transfer knowledge.

👇 Types of  web design

There are many different types of website designs available in the market for web designers. All have their own unique features and benefits that can help you in achieving an improved online presence for the website you are designing.

Picking the sort of website design relies upon the kind of business you own and the necessity of the entrepreneurs.

Web designing is of three kinds, which are static, dynamic, or CMS and e-commerce.


A static website is the most basic type of website and contains web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and stored in a web server. It displays the same information to every user.

Static design is the best option to go for when you simply need a couple of pages on your site and don’t need the data on it to change.

👉Pros of choosing a static design:
☑️ Quick and easy to develop
☑️ Cost-effective
☑️ Cheap to host

👉Cons of choosing a static design:
☑️ Difficult to change
☑️ Content can get slack
☑️ Limited functions

👉Examples of static website:

  1. Documentation
  2. Developing Cache
  3. Website presentation
  4. Forms
  5. Newsletter Contents
  6. Landing page/scales
  7. Blogs

A dynamic website is a website that displays different types of content every time a user views it.

It is created on content management platforms or CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and so on. For example, Crazy Bunny is a dynamic website and is made on wordpress.

A dynamic web design’s display changes majorly on the following criteria:
• Viewer demographics
• Time duration of the day
• Location of the search
• Language settings

👉 Pros of choosing a dynamic design:
☑️ Easy Updating
☑️ User friendly
☑️ Interactive
☑️ Easily manageable

👉 Cons of choosing a dynamic design:
☑️ Expensive to build
☑️ Privacy at risk
☑️ Spamming
☑️ Inappropriate content

👉 Examples of dynamic website:

  1. E-commerce sites
  2. Blogs
  3. Calendars

Ecommerce website design is the process of creating an online store for your business to sell digitally to target consumers.

To design an e-commerce website, you need to:

✔️ Plan
✔️ Conceptualize
✔️ Arrange your content and products for effective display on the Internet.

👉 Pros of choosing an e-commerce design:
☑️ Cost reduction
☑️ Flexibility for customers
☑️ Faster buying process
☑️ No reach limitations

👉 Cons of choosing an eCommerce design:
☑️ No purchase can happen during a site crash
☑️ Customer can’t try before buying
☑️ Shipping times can be lengthy
☑️ High competition

👉 Examples of e-commerce:

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. eBay

👇 Career opportunities in web design

Web designing is a growing field and thus the opportunities within it as well. As a web designer, you would be expected to work on the visual aspect, which includes the layout, coloring, and typography of a web page.

You should also have a working knowledge of markup languages such as HTML and CSS.

👉 Jobs you can go for as a web designer:
🔍 Game developer
🔍 UX Designer
🔍 UX Researcher
🔍 Web Application Developer
🔍 Web Marketing Analyst, and much more.

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