7 Key Benefits Of SEO To Grow Business

Digital Marketing- Do you really need to spend money for it?

What is Digital Marketing?

With the Internet being a forever trend, connecting with one’s audience has become effortlessly accessible. Ever since humans learned to trade, marketing has been a predominant component of the same.

The idea of connecting the Internet with marketing gives birth to a phenomenal digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing, in the simplest terms, means an online market where current or prospective customers congregate digitally.

To elucidate the term, digital marketing can be defined as marketing or promotional activities carried out by businesses on the Internet through various channels such as ✔️search engines, ✔️social media, or connecting with the customers via ✔️text or multimedia messages.

5 Reasons Your Business Should adopt Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is very cost-effective compared to traditional or outbound forms of marketing.

The marketers have to anticipate reaching out to consumers to get them interested in a product, such as by advertising through TV, radio, print, billboards, and cold-calling. It helps one reach a significantly wider audience than conventional methods since it considers the prospects or the target customers most likely to buy one’s product or service.

Besides, through digital marketing, one can easily keep track of the firm’s marketing strategy success regularly.

1. Global Reach 🌏

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, which have geographical constraints, making it arduous to organize international marketing campaigns and complex, expensive, and labor-intensive, digital marketing is very convenient.

It takes place on the Internet, which concludes that the reach it can give one is immeasurable.

Even small-scale businesses that lack funds for marketing, their products can reach the international audience with an online store (that otherwise, through traditional marketing would have cost a lot) and open doors to various growth opportunities for businesses to explore.

This combination of global reach and visibility proves to be immensely favorable for the firms and the consumers since they get a variety of stores to choose the best.

2. Lower Cost💲

Whether the firm wants to promote its business domestically or internationally, online marketing is more cost-efficient than traditional marketing.

It even allows small businesses to follow the marketing strategies that do not cost anything large-scale businesses follow, such as SEO, social media, and content marketing.

However, not every form of digital marketing may be suitable for every type of firm; one needs to rationally recruit the appropriate business strategy which could yield results based on its marketing goals.

3. Easy to Learn ✔️

The term digital marketing at first may sound like something that requires excellent technological knowledge, though it indeed does; getting started with it is effortless for a novice.

It gets complex depending on the nature and scale of the business. However, as discussed earlier, a firm needs to look for marketing options that suit them the best.

4. Effective Targeting 🎯

Even if one does not have a precise idea of who one’s prospective consumers are, digital marketing allows one to extract data to find out the interested people.

There are various online marketing strategies available which can help you find you identify the audience/customers for your business.

Do you know that just by running paid ads PPC (pay-per-click) with the relevant keywords of your niche and business can help you to figure out the potential of your start up demographically.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or demographic information on social media, ensures that campaigns are organized to reach the right audience.

The companies should also adapt to the dynamic requirements of the customers and change their marketing strategies accordingly.

5. Various Marketing Options

One of the foremost advantages of digital marketing is that multiple content types and platforms available to market or promote one’s brand online.

Some options are ☑️ blogs, ☑️ webinars, ☑️ podcasts, ☑️ E-Books, ☑️ infographics, etc. These content types help develop effective online campaigns, which keep one’s brand fresh and active.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies

To have the best utilization of digital marketing, one needs to have a basic idea of how to carry out the procedures.

The company needs to:

🔸 Keep a definite set of goals
🔸 Identifying target/prospective customers
🔸 Create engaging content relevant and engaging for the audience
🔸 Optimize a budget for the digital channels if going for large-scale marketing
🔸 Conduct keyword search

Some facts about Digital marketing

All the information that we presented here aren’t just for the sake of saying or exaggerating, we’ll look at everything through a factual lens.

❖ In today’s time, almost all the sections of society have an access to Internet, be it poor or rich which indicates that everyone can take advantage of the services of digital marketing without any hassles.

❖ According to the statistics, Digital Ad spend has already crossed 375 billion dollars by the end of the year 2021 which straightforwardly signifies the reliability and wide applicability of digital marketing.

❖ If a brand wishes to promote itself through traditional marketing methods, say newspaper then it has to spend a lot for the same whilst if the company chooses to promote its brand through digital marketing then the expenditure reduces with an exponential amount that too by providing a far better reach.

❖ Let’s take an even more realistic example. Intuit, a software company found that its customers wanted simple tools through their research when they were planning to add a new operation to their product portfolio. The use of relevant “most searched keywords” and leveraging social media they succeeded in connecting the new users to the website in an engaging fashion implying the importance of digital marketing.

Amazon India uses a good digital marketing strategy by promoting themselves on social media with the advent of ads. The user interaction on their website with fan activities and giveaway contests increases customer inflow towards their side because of strategical use of digital marketing services.

❖ Among these some of the other significant Digital Marketing Campaigns were:
i) Lego’s Rebuild the World Campaign
ii) Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign
iii) Jennifer Lopez’s #InTheMorningChallenge
iv) Always’ #LikeAGirl Campaign

All of the above examples pretty much highlight the importance and notability of digital marketing for all types of firms and it can be easily executed if one has knowledge about it.


Digital Marketing creates multiple channels for the business organizations to reach a broad audience convincing enough for the prospective buyers. It is an invaluable method of promoting one’s business while keeping in mind the constraints.

Therefore, a business must incorporate digital marketing into their growth strategies coherently to reach heights.

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